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  • Hi Lisa, PrintableCal can import events from Outlook, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, iCloud, etc. You can define recurring events in those calendar applications and when you import into PrintableCal, you'll see each occurrence of the recurring event appears on the proper day in the output generated by PrintableCal.

    What external calendar application are you using? I can provide more detailed instructions if you'd like, but I'll need to know what you're using so I can explain how to create a recurring event in that calendar application and how to import that calendar into PrintableCal.

  • can i have a reminder/event on one day set up to recur, say, every first thursday of the month?

  • Hi Leslie, if Word or Excel were still running when PrintableCal was installed, try rebooting to complete the installation.

    If rebooting doesn’t fix it, please see the section titled “Adding PrintableCal to Other User Accounts on the Same Computer” on the page linked below:

    If that doesn't fix it either, please send an email to support@printablecal.com so I can assist further.

  • Installed PrintableCal today. I have restarted Word and my computer and the ribbon has not appeared. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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