Insert a Date At the Current Cell or Text Location

PrintableCal provides a mini calendar (or date picker) in the Microsoft Word or Excel Task Pane. A date in the mini calendar can be clicked to be inserted at the current cell (Excel) or text cursor location (Word). To make the mini calendar visible, click the Date button on the PrintableCal tab of the Excel or Word Ribbon.

To insert a date, click the desired date in the mini calendar of the Task Pane. 

Insert Today's Date

Today's date can be quickly inserted by clicking the Today button.

Settings Menu

The mini calendar has a settings menu to control its behavior and appearance. The settings menu can be access by clicking the settings button in the upper-right corner of the Task Pane.

Double-Click to Insert Date

By default, a single click on a date will insert the date at the current cell or text location. To change this to requiring a double-click, check the Double-Click to Insert Date option on the settings menu.

Insert Date Format

The inserted date format can be adjusted to use the system default format, a short format, or a long format. Each format will depend upon the regional settings specified in the Windows Control Panel. For example, when Windows is configured to use the English (United States) regional format, the inserted dates will be formatted as shown below.

Date Picker Size

The size of dates in the mini calendar can be set to small, medium, or large. The smaller the text, the more months will be able to fit into the mini calendar.



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