Save Custom Templates

PrintableCal comes installed with a number of attractive templates. However, there may be cases where you'd like to customize a template to include things like business logos, contact information, photos, different colors, different layouts, etc. PrintableCal enables you to do this, and then re-use your customized template again and again. Click here for a walkthrough on how to create a custom template.

To save a custom template, click the Save as Template button on the PrintableCal tab of the Excel Ribbon. Note, this feature is not available in Word, only Excel. Any custom templates you save will be listed in the Choose a Template step when creating calendars in both Word and Excel.

After clicking the Save as Template button, the Save as Template task pane will appear. 

Template name  When saving a template, you can overwrite an existing template by selecting its name from the Template name drop-down list. You can also type in a new name to save as a new template. 
Template type  PrintableCal supports a number of template styles or types, such as Agenda and Month. These template types each have a specific purpose and require certain cell names to be present in the template in order to properly save. The template will be validated against the specified template type when the Save button is clicked. If any  problems are detected, a validation window will appear providing information about the errors and how to fix them.
Description  A description of the template can be entered. This description will be shown in the Choose a Template step when creating a calendar.
Export to a file that can be imported on other computers  When this box is checked, the template will also be saved to a file that can be imported on another computer by using the Import Template button. 
Save button  This button will become enabled after a template name has been entered. Click this button to continue saving the template. 
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